You certainly should. SMEs are being actively targeted as hackers believe they are ‘easier to hack’. However, larger organisations should equally be concerned. They have a higher profile and represent potentially richer rewards for cyber criminals.

How concerned you should be depends on your level of IT maturity. For example – is your IT professionally managed (either in-house or outsourced)? If not, you will be extremely vulnerable. Even with professional IT support in place, without adequate safeguards and focus specifically on cyber security, your systems will still be vulnerable. Anti-virus is simply not enough anymore.

Have you received a recent email which seems dodgy?

Are you concerned with your internal systems and processes?

It is always better to be safe and get things checked out.

What did we solve?

Following on from the NHS WannaCry global cyber-attack, local Doctors are becoming increasingly worried about their security. A local Doctor didn’t know how to update his systems or who to turn to and approached us for advice, guidance and support.

How did we solve it?

Tier 1: The Foundation

  • Are your systems professionally managed and established to combat the cyber threat?
  • Are you Firewalls actively maintained?
  • How about Server and desktop patches?
  • When did you last replace your modem/router or have them reconfigured?

These are just a handful of the numerous questions to address when looking at cyber security concerns.

Tier 2: Cyber Security Assessments, Recommendations and Execution

Simply put, find the holes and plug them. We have an array of services available to match your requirements and carry out a full assessment of your systems, provide recommendations and execute these to prevent any potential cyber concerns.

Tier 3: Reviews

We will provide you with regular reviews and updates to keep up with the evolving attack vectors deployed by hackers.

Contact our experts and have them look into it for you. We will provide you with the best solutions for your cyber security moving forward to suit your budget.