Let’s be clear, no system is absolutely secure. The question is have you taken all reasonable steps to secure your systems?

Framed like that, the answer to the question is ‘Probably not’. Even if you have professional IT support, they will likely be focused on keeping your systems up and running, and not necessarily on external threats.

Our focus is complete cyber security; keeping your systems secure. We can conduct initial vulnerability assessments and make recommendations accordingly. This will help ensure your systems are secure and less susceptible to cyber-attacks.

What did we solve?

We were approached by a Law Firm who store personal and sensitive client data on local computers. With GDPR fast approaching, they were unsure as to whether their systems have enough protection in place and if they have suitable back-ups.

How did we solve it?

An audit ascertained their concerns were justified and we presented a plan to migrate the data to be more secure. After the migration the law-firm had a much better security profile, with data stored in one secure repository and backed up with encryption.

Has Cyber Security only recently crossed your mind? Better late than never!

We can conduct a full assessment of your current systems and processes to ensure they are protected from any potential cyber threats or attacks.

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