Fresh Mango – Cyber Security Specialists

The Story

Welcome to the cyber security specialists are of Fresh Mango Technologies, dedicated to protecting the future of your business.

Fresh Mango is built on repeat business and personal recommendations and so customer satisfaction is key to our ethos.

We pride ourselves on rapid response and our friendly, professional, highly qualified engineers are trained to understand your needs and deliver sound advice and the right solution the first time.

We have offices in Ripon, North Yorkshire, Leeds, Vilnius in Lithuania and the British Virgin Islands, with servers and equipment available in even more locations (including the U.S. and Jersey).

Cyber Security Specialists – Features

We work with a diverse range of clients from small organizations up to large multinational companies and pride ourselves on our rapid response and our friendly, highly qualified engineers who are trained to understand your requirements and implement a strategy, to protect your IT Systems and ultimately, your business.

We provide aspects of cybersecurity from initial assessments of your systems, to full managed ongoing services.

The Benefits

Whether protecting your systems through continuous protective monitoring, training your team, or needing our programmes following a cyber attack, you can ensure your business and its systems are receiving the best solutions against cyber threats.

‘Everyone is or has been a victim of a cyber attack’

Since 2015, cyber-attacks have increased by 300% and because of this, it is our passion to educate, guide and protect businesses network security before a cyber threat happens.

Now, more than ever is the time to start thinking about your cyber awareness.

If you’d like to start investing in cybersecurity or learn more, please contact our cybersecurity specialists on 01765 606 700 today or click here for alternative contact methods.

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