Hackers don’t sleep. They are attacking 24/7. So you need 24/7 protection of your systems.

That’s where continuous protective monitoring comes in. Anti-virus and anti-spam software won’t protect you from a determined hacker. Borderpoint will.

What did we solve?

Our client approached us as they were concerned at press reports about increasing cyber attacks. We advised our Continuous Protective Monitoring, Borderpoint, would be the best solution for them and their business.

How did we solve it?

Since implementing CPM three attempted hacks on their systems were detected and prevented. An insider threat was also detected, alerting them to the need to conduct internal cyber hygiene training as well.

The Borderpoint agent collects events from individual hosts and forwards them to our UK based Security Intelligence and Operations Centre where events are correlated and analysed for anomalous activity.

Borderpoint cyber security responds to attacks as they happen, and before any lasting damage can be wrought; 4-hour alert time ; a monthly report of all threats will also be provided.

Borderpoint cyber security is your solution to Continuous Protective Monitoring, combating real time cyber security threats, it responds to attacks as they happen, and before any lasting damage can be wrought. We will also provide you with monthly report of all threats.

How good would it be to know your business is protected from potential cyber threats 24/7?

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