Do you think you may have been hacked? Don’t panic – we can assist with immediate measures to stop matters from getting worse.

We can conduct an investigation to determine how potential hackers accessed your systems and put a stop to it.  We can then assess your overall IT security and make recommendations accordingly.

What did we solve?

A client approached us after a phishing email got into their financial system, the email was opened by the internal financial team, allowing their system to be hacked. The hacker was then able to gain access to the financial systems and changed customers back accounts details. The amount of money lost was an existential threat to the business.

How did we solve it?

Since introducing CPM, three attempted hacks on their systems were detected and prevented. An insider threat was also detected, alerting them to the need to conduct internal cyber hygiene training as well.

We provide immediate support to clients who are victims of cyber-attacks, for everything from an automated attempted attack to a complete breach. Our cyber team will stop things from getting worse;

First few hours and days: we provide short-term support, which includes assessing what happened and how to plug the specific gap.

First few days and weeks: Medium-term support includes conducting a full assessment of all your systems and provide recommendations accordingly. We can also prepare and provide reports suitable for internal and law enforcement use.

Going forward: We implement cyber security improvements and then manage your IT security on an ongoing basis to mitigate any future cyber threats. Contact us from either the UK or Internationally and protect yourself online today.