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How To Deal With Cyber Breaches From A Brand Perspective

Check out my latest vlog from me, Guy Phoenix, and learn how to deal with cyber breaches from a Brand perspective, a skill you may never realize the importance of until it’s too late.

The Impact On A Brand Of A Cybersecurity Breach

This is the Transcript of my recent video log (The impact on a Brand of a cybersecurity breach) – my voice is difficult to hear since I was asked to keep it down by the BA Cabin staff for disturbing other passengers. {Sorry!}

The British Airways Security Breach

We’re understandably receiving many queries and concerns relating to the recent British Airways security breach. We thought it best to provide some basic advice in case you, your family or your team members are at risk from this breach.

It almost feels like you can’t go a day now without hearing cybersecurity news about some new data scandal, information leak or sophisticated hacker attack ruining someone’s day.

Cybersecurity news has grown over the last decade to become a consistent and important part of each and every one of our lives. We find ourselves almost fixated on technology nowadays. With social media a central point in how many of us interact with friends, family, and peers, and computers taking a core position in many of our professional careers, cyber news has become relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds.

At Fresh Mango, we personally feel it’s our duty to help keep our customers as informed as we are when it comes to recent news in the cyber world. A new scandal or attack can put all of our personal details at risk, making it vital to keep up to speed and know when and how to act.

If you’re concerned regarding some recent news surrounding the cyber world, such as a recent password leak, please feel free to contact us and discuss securing your IT systems with our specialists. Our experts here at Fresh Mango will be happy to bring you up to speed on any recent news and help provide guides on how to improve your cybersecurity going forward.

If you’d like to check out even more news about the cyber world in general, not just security, feel free to check out the Fresh Mango blog, which receives regular updates with prime content surrounding all things tech.