Online Cyber Training

Training is a crucial and vital aspect of modern business

With a constant barrage of new problems, technologies, cyber & data threats, its more important than ever before to ensure your team has the tools they need to solve your problems.

The core heart of any business is the staff. 

No matter your industry, no matter if your company is few in number or spanning thousands of employees. They decide your success but ultimately, you decide your failures. A good employee doesn’t fail a job because they lacked the motivation, they fail because they lacked the training.

Our training packages come for both beginners and professionals. Please see further details below.

The Cyber User Awareness Training – Basic course covers the following modules; What is Cyber?, The Cyber Threat, Password Management, Digital Footprints, Staying Safe at Work and at Home, Course Summary and Test your Knowledge.

With 4 out of 5 successful cyber incursions resulting due to poor cyber hygiene from staff, we’d heavily recommend this course for any modern company.

You can see a live demo of the cyber user awareness basic training course right now, by clicking here.

The Cyber User Awareness Training – Basic course covers all the topics touched on in our basic course and more, going into greater depth on the elements that build up these underlying issues, understand how they stem and evolve new ways to attack your business, giving you a far greater understanding of the threats at large.

We’d recommend advanced training for at least a core team or member of your company depending on the size. This will help ensure your safety from a far wider range of attacks and global cyber threats. Having just one experienced key member can be the difference between an extensive data breach and a smooth financial year.

The GDPR for employees course covers the following modules; What is GDPR, Definitions, Rights of Data Subjects, What is Personal Data, Handling Personal Data, What happens when it all goes wrong, Course Summary and Test your Knowledge.

With GDPR laws constantly updating and evolving to help protect against malicious attackers, it has become difficult for many organisations to keep up to date themselves.

That’s what makes courses like this so crucial, allowing you to safely work, free from the threat of both attackers and the law. Only then can you operate smoothly and by extension, profitably.

You can see a live demo of the GDPR course for employees right now, by clicking here.

The GDPR for Data Protection Officers covers all the elements touched on the in beginners course and more, going into far greater depth and precision on the topics at hand. We’d always recommend officers regularly have training to ensure new and complex GDPR laws are understood and adhered too.

Furthermore, with a topic as complex as this, a refreshers course can only do you well, helping to reinvigorate your expertise and adapt to a modern environment. With GDPR, you not only face the barrage of malicious attacks, but the fearsome hammer of the law.

Our cyber security for IT professionals course offers experts a keen opportunity to refine their skills and update their knowledge.

There are few industries that move quite as fast as IT and fewer sectors too, that match the speed of cyber security. That’s why we see it as a vital requirement for any organisation to ensure their professionals are kept up to date and trained to a modern standard.

Our cyber security for social media course covers aspects of cyber security you may never have considered. Social media provides a huge overview of our lives, personalities, interests and ideas.

It offers a key insight attackers use and exploit to tap their ways through vulnerabilities in your system.

When using social media in a business environment, you need to know how to do so safely. Other wise you risk not only your organisation and its members, but you fans and clients, those who follow you online and act as key elements of your marketing or sales.

All these reasons and more are why we now offer a multitude of highly refined and complete professional training courses. Our training courses cover topics such as cyber awareness, understanding the threats posed by online interactions, the damage they can do to a company or individual and most importantly, how to avoid these attacks all together.

We also offer training on new GDPR laws, covering the constant and ever complex set of data rules and regulations your company may be legally obliged to follow. Furthermore we explore cyber security in other areas of the web, such as social media, and how seemingly harmless interactions can lead to catastrophic downfalls.